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La mia dea.

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From the Evanescence EP :D (Angel of Grief)

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*ATTENTION EVERYONE* I never thought I would have to do this.. My 15 year old sister is missing… She’s been gone for almost 2 weeks now, and her location is unknown. She lives in the Dallas, Texas area but could be ANYWHERE. Please reblog. It could save her life. I may not have many followers but I hope I have a few that will try to help me.. Please please please spread this. Get the word out. Bring my sister home. Please.. Just one reblog could save her life..


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I genuinely think you would have to be naïve or severely, severely misinformed to seriously believe that this “new music” Amy is supposedly releasing soon will be an Evanescence song. Like, I guess people are so desperate for a sign that Evanescence hasn’t broken up that they’re grasping at straws at this point. Amy is at least 8 months pregnant at this point, do you think NOW is the time she’d decide to get the band back together, especially since there’s been NO sign from any of the other members that they’re starting again? I mean, she might end up leaking some old Ev songs or something, but I doubt it since she said it’ll be something new and she’s not usually the one to leak old songs, anyway. Whatever it is, I’m excited to hear it, whenever it may come out.

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@AmyLeeEv:„New music coming out real soon. That’s all I’ll say for now, keep your eyes open ;)”

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